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Thank you to our 2016 donors

The Wichita Pubic Library Foundation and the Wichita Public Libray Board of Directors offer special thanks to each of the following individuals and organizations whose contributions helped to support Library collections, community services and the Advanced Learning Library in 2016.

Gifts $100,000 and above

Velma Lunt and Dwight Wallace Charitable Foundation
Keeney Stevens Family~Keith, Mary, Martha and Clark Stevens
Naftzger Fund for Fine Arts
James Cox Foundation
Sunderland Foundation

$10,000 to $99,999

Anita Jones
Clinton and Nancy Hinman
Celia and Leonard Levand Trust
City of Wichita
Cox Communications
Dee Rolph
Don and Lora Barry
Barry L. and Paula  M. Downing Foundation
K. T. Wiedemann Foundation
Hazel Linder
Jane McHugh
National Endowment for the Arts
Professor John Hyde
Lattner Family Foundation in memory of Forrest C. and Frances H. Lattner
William and Mary Lynn Oliver
Samuel and Laura Brown Charitable Trust
Eric and Joy Eakins
The DeVore Foundation

$1,000 to $9,999

Friends of the Wichita Public Library
Stephen and LeAne Cloud
The Charitable Foundation
Barbara Coats
Brian Docking
Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Nancy and Clinton Hinman
Collen Jennison
Barbara and David Rolph
Eric and Debbie Larson
Friends of the Wichita Public Library
Georgia Eakins
Judy Burgess
Kathy Wilson
Kent and Marty Shawver
Kevin and Susan McWhorter
Leah Barnhard
Mark and Barbara Chamberlin
Marlene Howell
Mary Eves
Parris McBride Martin
Susan and The Honorable Ron Estes
Stephen and LeAne Cloud
Tim Moore
USD 259 Wichita District
Stephen and Ann Starch
Wichita Community Foundation

Gifts $100 to $999

Alan and Sharon Fearey
Aleris Charleman
Barbara ad Bill Baker
Betty Wood
Dr. Jim and Beverly Mershorn
Blend Tech
Byrne Vickers
Carolyn Schmitt
Darrel and Joyce Hart
David and Diane Gestenslager
Deanna and Dennis Zitterkopf
Derby Public Library
Dorothy Shannon
Dwight and Pat Oxley
Elizabeth Wadle
Frederick Hansen
Gay James
Gladys Hoefer
Glenda Cherry
Gridley Family Foundation
Jan Randle
Jane Murphy
Janet Baird
Jayne Nichols
John Hyde
Joseph Cofield II
Kansas Humanities Council
Kellie Hogan
Kerin Smith
Larksfield Smit
Linda S. Hogan
Lois Carr
Marcia ad Jay Newton
Mary Elln Conlee
Patricia Terpkosh
Ron and Pat Myers
Rosie and Bob Dool
Shannon Littljohn
Stehanie Martens
Suzy Finn
Ted and Betty Vlamis
Adam and Taryn Pierson
Thoas Thompson

Gifts up to $99

Ann and John Rempel
Anne Mayle
Carolyn Blakemore
Carolyn Lindsey
Carolyn and Darryl Mitchell
Cassandra Tinsmon
Charles Ellis
Danette Baker
Denise Henson
Diana Palenz
Donna Wolfe
Elizabeth Rusher
Glenda Cherry
Gloria Summers
Helen Smith
Ilsa Wolfe
Jenell Smith
Jo Gabel
Joan Bowen
John Whitlock
Judith Gordon and David Eichhorn
Julie Snowden
Karen Anderson
Kari Schmidt
Kristi Carlson-Goering
Kroger Company
Larksfield Place
Laura Roddy
Lee Wadsworth
Lisa Musi
Lisa and James Vayda
Lynda Connell
Margaret J Anderson
Martha B Fair
Nicole Howerton
Paul Seymour
Paula VanAndel
Phillip Houston
Racine Zackula
Robert and Gloria Dill
Robert Pedroja
Sherri Lichtenberger
Stacy Mar
Sterling Friedman
Susan Bentson
Suzie Peak
Timothy W Lawton
Vikki Jo Stewart
Vincentia Claycomb
Vonda Wilson
Wilma Jeane Jackson
Y L Ho
Dillon's Dollars
During 2016, the Foundation received memorial and tribute gifts recognizing the following individuals. We thank the families and friends who designated the Library Foundation as the recipient of such gifts.

In Honor of

JoAnn Janzen

Ilsa Wolfe

JoAnne M. Dixon

Racine Zackula

In Fond Memory

Carter Hines

Cynthia Berner

Edward V. Marnett

Jane and Michael Rachel

Ronald Joseph LeJeune

Lisa LeJeune and Augie

Did You Know?
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